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Nick Leonard

Founder & Owner

I am Nick Leonard, and I have always had a love for making things and working with my hands.  As a young boy, I was always taking apart machines and motors at our families Textile Mill.  The mill is where I learned electricity, physics, and how to problem solve by using what I had to create a solution.


The thing about being a maker is having the confidence to do something.  If you want to do something, do it.  Don't hold back.  I have been told many times I wouldn't be able to do something or that I didn't have the skills needed.  "Tell me I can't do something and you will see me go do it".

The love for design and woodworking really escalated when I was able to design and help build my dream home, which everyone said I couldn't do.  The whole process was invigorating yet challenging, but was an eye opening experience with huge amounts for knowledge gained.  Once I was settled at home, I quickly grew out of the small one car sized shop I thought would be enough.  And this is where the Statedwoods Co. shop got its start.  



Nick Leonard
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